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In 2018, Etsy evolved its platform to introduce three new, tiered subscriptions. Etsy Standard, Plus, and Premium. I was asked to create the branding for Etsy’s new subbrands that would work within a refresh for the brand. I also worked with the team to provide art direction for the product and evolve the brand further. I was responsible for the Etsy tiers branding, but worked alongside many other talented designers who faciliated the refresh.

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Client: Etsy
Role: Designer, Art Director
Creative Direction: Samuel Sherman
Design team: Matthew Heigl, Haelim Paek
Product Design: Kyle Turman
Project Mangement: Ankur Ghosh
Animation: Enle Li

Etsy is a diverse community, made up of many different shops. Whether you just need Etsy’s standard tools, or a more full-service experience, there’s a place for your shop. The tier brands are “built” to reflect Etsy’s vast sellers... made of the same parts, but arranged uniquely. Not one is better than the other, just different. The shapes are playful and bright to match Etsy’s magical, human, and forward-thinking mission.